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A. Nuts and Fruits D. Gummy Candy E. Sour Gummy Candy
Apricots Gummy Bears Sour Cherries
Dried Mixed Fruit Gummy Cherries Sour Heart Peaches
Pistachios Gummy Cinnamon Bears Sour Octopus
Salted Cashews Gummy Cola Sour Patch Kids
Salted Mixed Nuts Gummy Frogs Sour Strips
Unsalted Cashews Gummy Kicks Sour Watermelon
Unsalted Mixed Nuts Gummy Octopus Sour Worms
Gummy Pizza
B. Mints Gummy Raspberry
Mint Lentils Gummy Roses F. Licorice
Smooth and Melty Gummy Sharks Licorice Australian - Red
Gummy Triple Hearts Licorice Bridge Mix
C. Yogurt Gummy Worms Licorice Nibs
Yogurt Covered Pretzels Swedish Fish - Assorted  Licorice Twists
Yogurt Covered Raisins Swedish Fish - Red Minis Licorice Wheels
Swedish Fish - Red 
I. Specialty Large Pretzels
G. Chocolate Candy G. Chocolate Candy Dark Chocolate Pretzel
Almond Buttercrunch Mini Pretzels - Dark M&M Coated Pretzel
Assorted Sports Balls Mini Pretzels - Milk Milk Chocolate Pretzel
Chocolate Almonds - Dark Mini Pretzels - White Non-Pareils Coated Pretzel
Chocolate Almonds - Milk Mini Prezels - Sprinkles Sprinkle Coated Pretzel
Chocolate Cashews - Dark Non-Pareils Dark White Chocolate Pretzel
Chocolate Cashews - Milk Non-Pareils Milk
Chocolate Cherries Non-Pareils White
Chocolate Gummy Bears Peanut Butter Crunch J Specialty Chocolate
Chocolate Kisses Reeses Pieces Almond Break Up - Dark
Chocolate Raisins - Dark Sea Salt Caramel Pretzels Almond Break Up - Milk
Chocolate Raisins - Milk Sea Salt Caramel Sandwich Cookies Break Up - Dark
Chocolate Swedish Fish Sea Salt Popcorn Milk Break Up  - Milk
Coffee Beans Mocha Sea Salt Popcorn Salt Cashew Turtles
Cookie Dough Snickers Chocolate Covered Oreos
Klod Hoppers Twix Choc.  Covered Coconut Clusters
M&Ms Dark Choc. Covered Coconut Clusters
M&M Minis Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
M&M Peanut H. Misc. Candy Graham Crackers - Dark
M&M Peanut Butter Good and Plenty Graham Crackers - Milk
Malt Balls Dark Hot Tamales Joyva Jelly Rings
Malt Balls Milk Jelly Beans Marshmallows Twists 
Mini Graham Crackers Jelly Bellies Peanut Butter Cups
Mini Oreos - Dark Mike and Ike Seat Salt Caramel
Mini Oreos - Milk Skittles Smores